My 2020 Job Board

I started my 2020 job board where you can find job postings on-site, the job offer, and sustainable jobs that are great.

Stage Ten Walkthrough

A friend wanted my opinion on the Stage Ten broadcasting software, so here it is. I will discuss the importance of specs and system requirements.

Why Are You Niche Picking?

Why are you niche picking? Let’s talk about how to find a niche through eCommerce business ideas, starting an online store with drop shipping, or starting a YouTube channel.

Free Website or Personalized Domain?

Lets talk about personalized web pages through free website builder and hosting or Google website hosting and domain purchase to design my website.

Ways to Make Money Online

Internet business without investment. Ways to make money online as a freelancer, freelance web designer, and create a website to earn money.

Future of YouTube

The FTC reports on the Children’s online privacy protection act focus on the future of video upload website YouTube and how content creators it will hold accountable for their website personalization.