Free Website or Personalized Domain?

For free or not for free?

I took both roads and I can tell you it all depends on why you need this piece of real estate.

Having a paid domain means you control it. It’s personalized just for you. It will not pin you as a platform’s property. The site is yours and you can name it! If you own a business or a brand, owning a domain is a perfect way to go since you will be a brand at a dot com or a dot org. A free site would have the platform in the address, which looks messy and most people do not take it seriously when they see that.

If you are looking to monetize, having your own domain speeds up the process if you want to link Adsense. If you are using sites like blogger, Adsense will hold their review on your site six months after you signed up. Some factors that will get you approve are how active your site is. If you are not posting consistently, you might get denied. The same concept with YouTube applies to Blogger as the partner program.

If you are looking for some good deals. This is what I use and found no issues with it.


With GoDaddy, you can purchase domains for 99 cents and they offer free web builders. The only problem with the web builder is, there is no comment option, so if you want feedback on your published posts, you cannot do so. Their web builder is great as information and landing pages for your business.

They have options for the Word press.

The prices are always different because every month there is always a deal. I am not an affiliate for GoDaddy but I enjoy working with them, so I cannot give you promos off the top of my head. Here is a link to where I would find GoDaddy monthly promotions.



I have used Weebly years ago because it is very affordable. We can find here the prices:


I like to change my site’s template to my liking, which I could not do with Weebly. This is a website great for beginners who like to drag and drop their design. It offers a lot of things that you can use to polish your webpage professionally.

I am also not a Weebly affiliate marketer, so I cannot tell you what deals they will have this upcoming month. You can find them by clicking here:



You have the option to keep a blogger site for free or you can purchase a domain through Google for $12 a year plus tax. You can access that through blogger or you can go through Google Domains:


Google will also offer G-Suite along with this and it is entirely up to you if you want an email attached to your domain. We can go over the difference between Office 365 and G-Suite in another post. I have one domain through Google and three through GoDaddy. It is nice working with both, especially if you are working with Adsense. Plus, these two platforms are very easy to use, so there is no way you can mess up your account.

I have tried none of the other hosts, so I cannot vouch for them. If I write about them, then the review is dishonest. I bought many domain through these three sites and have never broken my bank account. Customer service was always great.

Now if you need help to situate a website, message me and I will give you a good deal on design work and I will get you started with no problem. Thanks again for stopping by. Talk to you soon.

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