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Everyone wants to work from home, but no one knows where to start. Being able to set your own schedule and working from bed or in your pajamas is desirable for several reasons. If you have kids and you want to spend more time at home with them or you have a disability that burdens you from leaving your house. Then there is reason number three. A reason that made me want to work from home. I do not want to work with other people daily and enjoy being independent.

If you fit any of these or you have other reasons to want a work from home job, you found yourself in the right place.

I have been working for myself since 2001 as a freelancer. Owning a freelance business will not bring you success overnight. It can become stressful for anyone who is new and does not know what to do. Self-motivated and time management while holding yourself accountable for every success and failure is highly important.

Here are some types of jobs that I can recommend for anyone who wants to give working from home a try.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing will require a writing craft and understanding who you should pitch your ideas to. There are a lot of publications that hire freelance writers and will welcome submissions. If you feel strongly about your writing skills, you can pitch your ideas to anyone. If you enjoy reading from a certain website, you can contact that site and pitch your article. This is a job you have to search on your own, so if you are someone who wants something handed to you, this will not work for you.

Website Consultant

This is what I do. I search up business in my area and if I do not see a website listed for them, I will find their contact information and connect with them about creating a website. If they have a website, I will review their site and cold-call the business to ask if they need help with website performance. If you have a background in digital marketing and SEO, this will fit your bill. It will surprise you at how many businesses will welcome the help. 


This goes hand in hand with a Website Consultant, where I offer the help of website design. Most businesses, especially small businesses, will be more than happy to hear that you are interested in working with them. Now from experience, I suggest that you do your research on this business before you pitch any ideas because building a rapport with the business is important. You want to build a long-term relationship with every client on your list. This will ensure that they trust you and they will always want to work with you. Referrals also come with this business, and referral is important in this business.

Content Creator

This is the biggest freelance business recently. Being a content creator is infamous because of sites like YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer. Anyone can be a content creator and with enough determination, there are incentives from this. With the FTC issue that is going on with YouTube, content creators have been finding themselves in a frenzy. This is one thing that you will have to deal with if you want to be a content creator. Unlike the other jobs I listed above, being a content creator means you have to comply with the platform and legal policies. If you cannot follow the rules, being a content creator might not be for you.


Blogging is something I highly recommend because you control your blog and how to monetize. There are a lot of bloggers that pay themselves through ad revenues from Adsense, the same company that pays YouTubers. Some websites are monetized through affiliate markets and some have paid sponsors. This is another position that requires you to be active in producing written content. You can also promote videos created on YouTube on your website. There are so many ways to create revenue from blogs and with determination, most bloggers collect royalties from their old posts without even knowing.

A Job that I do not recommend for Beginners

Call Center Agent is a job I do not recommend for beginners. You will deal with customers without the help of anyone, so if you have issues managing your time or problem solving, you will struggle. If you do not have good equipment, you will struggle. A lot of companies offer a remote call center agent position to cut the cost of location rental. The other thing that most people do not know about call center jobs is the handling time. A lot of companies will require you to take a set amount of calls a day at a set amount of time. 

I was a call center agent once, and I used to take in 1,000 calls a day and my handle time was three minutes top without a hang-up or escalation. They track those so you cannot try to run around it. You will be monitored and evaluated for your response time and how you handled all calls. It can be stressful, so if you cannot handle stress or criticism, this will make you feel like working from home or being a call center agent is not for you.

So these are the work from home jobs I recommend because I have experience in them. I will not pretend like other websites that I know what it is like in other work from home positions. I can only comment on my own personal experience. These are things that you can learn to do on your own. With the rise of online teaching, you can teach yourself a new trade. 

Here are some recommended sites for you in learning without accumulating a ton of student loans.

Groupon Online Courses




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