How Do I Make Money Online

I was having a hard time trying to run OBS on my laptop which means no game streaming during the day I made this video, which I guess it’s a good thing since it caused me to make this video. Here is the verbatim version of my point.

The question remains. How do I make money online? Let’s dive.

Affiliate Market

There are several programs that anyone can join. As an affiliate marketer, you are a promoter. Many companies are hiring promoters. It is the best marketing for companies because if you refer people to them, there are incentives. They are not paying you until you are bringing people in. Imagine a guest list. The links you share are that guest list.

Here are some groups I am marketing with.



Microsoft Affiliate Program

Personality Hacker



Social Influencer Sites

Besides affiliate marketing, several social influencer sites have gigs you can sign up for. If you are a YouTuber or an avid Instagram user, this is a great way to make money. You won’t be writing fake reviews or anything, so do not worry. You’ll just be making contents and these people are your sponsor for that video or photo. You are just promoting their brand with no contract. I’ll add the sites to different articles so I won’t overwhelm you with too much information in one article.

Website Traffic

You cannot go wrong with website traffic. This is my lifeline for the longest. Sure, making videos is easy but getting partnered with YouTube is being very challenging.

Drawing attention to your website and getting approved for Google Adsense is fairly simple compared to YouTube. Plus, the restriction is zero to none. Stay mindful because Adsense works the same way as YouTube’s payment. If you are not advertiser-friendly, you will not get an advertiser and will have to rely on another form of payment. The best part is that cancels culture rarely reads so you are safe from attacks and the request to take down your domain.

You can also sign up for the Amazon affiliate program and use that to create your stream of affiliate revenue since everyone shops at Amazon. It doesn’t hurt to have that as a backup.

Final Thoughts

Are you part of any affiliate market? Do you work from home? What form of revenue do you use? Let me know in the comment below.

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