Increase YouTube Traffic From Blogger | How To Do It

Someone asked me, “How Did I rebrand without extra cost?” My subscribers were interested in what I have to say, so I created this video.

In this video, I speak about Blogger and how you can bring in the traffic. I wrote an article a few weeks ago about different hosts that you can decide on which you can visit here: Free Website or Personalized Domain?

Blogs and Traffic

Some people like to read and some people like learning visually. It is all about preferences. If you are not recommended by YouTube and you feel like you have issues promoting your channel or getting new audiences, having a blog will be the most useful promotion tool. You can always share your blog and use the trending hashtags to get attention. The hashtag is a powerful asset to blog promotion. It attracts people who are looking for certain things.

You can also use your latest articles in your email signatures. You can join many blog communities and share your ideas. When you embed your videos on your articles, you would be surprised at how many people will click to see if your tone matches your verbatim.

If you are not monetized on YouTube, you can get paid through blog revenues whether it is through affiliate marketing, native ads, or AdSense. There are more ways to make money through a blog than there is on YouTube but waiting for YouTube to recommend you will not cut it. Plus, if you are serious about growing your channel, you will promote yourself and never settle.

Put yourself out there and build your community, engagements, and traffic with your very first internet real estate. A blog.

I have a list of communities that you can join and they are all for free. I’ll create another article just for that list and my personal review. Subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

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