My 2020 Job Board

With a 3.9% unemployment rate since 1969, it only means that there are plenty of jobs out there, but where do we search?
Well, kids. I have started my job board and will list plenty of jobs daily!
I want to help you make your new year the best year! You can search it here:


As for freelancing gigs, I will introduce my audience to some brand new gigs, both on this website and through my YouTube. There is an ample amount of things to do and plenty of skills that you can learn all on your own without breaking your bank account.

We will continue talking about improving the quality of your only presence, where to look for work at home positions, how to market yourself, and turning your passion into money.

If you have not started your Internet real estate investment yet (meaning putting your time into creating a website), I suggest you check out this article I wrote recently.


The world has advanced pass manufacturing jobs and into the age of cyberspace. You should take advantage of it now before you regret it later. No, I am not encouraging people from working manual labor. What I am encouraging is to own one piece of Internet real estate just in case you need it for later as a side hustle.

With the Internet, the longer you have a property and digital imprint, the easier it will get accepted if you ever want to work on receiving passive income.

A brand new account will only set you back months or years. Just start your account and leave it sitting. Trust me. You will thank me later.


I will start my classes on Skillshare soon where I will share my knowledge of digital marketing, how to perform SEO and keyword searches. I will also teach you the basics of how to create your website. I have searched far and wide on a beginner-friendly self-pace class for people who is not tech-savvy, and there is nothing. I want to start this class with my older audience in mind.

To get started, you can sign up for Skillshare by using this link to get two months free.


That is all the updates I have for today. I just want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.


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