Stage Ten Walkthrough

A friend and subscriber wanted my opinion on Stage Ten, a broadcasting software that prompted me to make this video.

As you can see in this video, the lags were unbearable. I even started streaming to Facebook and lost connection. Most people would say the system sucks without thinking about one thing.

System requirements

Softwares perform at the rate of the laptop and desktop technical specs. To run Stage Ten, your system will have to exceed these expectations.

The laptop that I was using during the walkthrough was an Acer Aspire 515 which has an i5 processor but the graphic card was not strong enough to manage a streaming software.

I have a new system now that has a focus on running programs and multitasking, so I will do a comparison review for my viewers, which will help them understand why staying updated with the technical aspect of your system is important they plan on creating contents of any sort. The Acer was a great system to write and manage small tasks, but there were some flaws in the design, as with any laptop.

The battery died on me and there is no way of reviving it since you cannot remove the battery without taking apart the whole laptop. I end up digging into my laptop fund and purchase a new machine. I will also speak on this make and model.

I will also discuss the things to look for when you are purchasing a laptop or desktop, the importance of a manufacturer warranty and how it comes with every new purchase. Most people do not know that. Pro tip lol.

Until the next article, I’ll leave you at this.

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