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I have not talked about my YouTube channel for a while, so I will make this post about it because I have cleaned it up a bit. Plus, I know most people are not familiar with what type of contents I make.

Living in my Laptop

My channel is a laptop lifestyle vlog. This is a form of lifestyle that is for anyone who works, goes to school, and socialize online. Not everyone who spends most of their day doing this online is anti-social. In my case, since I spend 24 hours using my laptop, I create a space on my laptop for everything and everyone involved in my life.
I keep up with friends, promote my work, and share my life on social media. This allows me to manage my schedules wisely and also keep healthy relationships with everyone including people in my household. Not everyone can do this because it takes discipline.

I have started creating content to help others understand that it is okay to have this type of mentality. I have people left me or dismiss me as a friend because I could not spend physical time with them but I am okay with it. If people can delete me out of their life because I cannot make time for them even though I am there with them while doing three other things online, then they just did me a favor. I am not going to give up everything that I have worked for, building my online presence, then I know they will never understand me even if they try.

My question is, what makes them any more special than the friends that I have across the world who are happy to just exchange conversations with me? Do they feel like they are more entitled to my time because they live closer to me? Online, I can keep up with this person’s life along with 9,000 of my friends I do speak to daily (maybe not every day) and keep up with their personal life.

Nothing. I treat everyone the same and no one is more important than the next but they all come after my goals.

YouTube Playlists

I have different playlists on my page because I have many different interests. There are days where I feel like uploading gaming highlights, create tutorials, speak about psychology, or talk about life events. You can view the playlist here.


VLog Madness



Tips and Suggestions

COPPA 2019

Let’s Talk Movies and TV Shows

Adding More Videos

My channel has 164 uploads so I will be spending tonight adding them to these playlists. Most videos will be moved from my Facebook account because I have a lot uploaded over there. If you are interested in any of the topics that I have, feel free to subscribe to my channel. I have not scheduled how I will be uploading yet since I am still pulling in videos from several platforms.

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