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Welcome back, my favorite people. Yes, that would normally be my introduction on my YouTube channel but if I were to create a video on what I am about to tell you, the information might get lost between my jokes and beauty ha!

So what are we talking about today?

Monetization through any means and any platform.

Yes, you heard that right. There are many ways you can build a brand and get paid. Why wait to be partnered through YouTube or Twitch? If you have a large following on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you can check out these Influencer networks. Find a sponsor or a one-time payment in exchange for getting their products out to the public. Your audience is the public.

Most influencer communities love that you are on more than one platform. The more profile, the more reach. That is something a lot of people do not understand, which is why this type of work or lifestyle is not meant for them. As a marketer for over ten years, I appreciate the advancement of social media. This saved me a lot of money on travel with the same outlook, pay and more. Trust me. It makes working from home easier and reaching new clients even easier. It helps with growth and opportunities.

Here are some honorable mentions

Activate Social

Activate Social collects the information from your social media platforms including your blog to help sponsors calculate the type of reach you can bring to the table. What I also like about this platform is, it also uploads your YouTube videos, gather your blog posts, Pinterest boards, and your Twitch uploads. It’s your portfolio.


The opportunities for sponsorship are rare but it’s good to add your profile in case something comes up. This platform also pulls in your average traffic and influence from your social network. It also calculates how much you should charge for promotion on your network.

BestBuy Influencer Network

Yes, BestBuy does have an Influencer Network. If you never knew that, you’re welcome! Your profile is kept private so you can put whatever you want on there. You have to list and update your network into the system yourself, so if your Twitter account has spiked up follower count, you would have to enter that manually. You can search up projects and sign up for it. They go fast!

Influence Central

This is another community that helps you track your influence through your social network. The opportunities that are presented to you will be based on your numbers and interest. Updating your profile is a must.

IZEA Influencer

This community and platform have the same portfolio set up as Activate Social but the payout from sponsorship is higher. You do have to bid for the work but this will be great for any influencer who has experience in marketing their brand and themselves.

Now What?

Having a portfolio across numbers of the platform is a great way to market yourself and your work. It will also attract brand deals to check you out and a possibility for full time work somewhere. If you are a YouTuber, you can take advantage of getting organic views from different organizations. There are so many reasons why you should give signing up a chance. It’s free. You’ll get views. You have a chance to find work that aligns with your passion. What are you losing? Build your network now!

The next topic will be about monetizing with certain groups. Which one would I recommend especially if Google Adsense rejects you or demonetize you? It is happening a lot lately but never fear. I got your back! Subscribe for updates!

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